Innovative Institute is a Career-focused training organization. We are licensed by the District of Columbia Education Licensure Commission as a post-secondary school to provide didactic Health Care training. We started business the same year as a subsidiary of Total Health Care Innovations, Inc.; a Maryland corporation. In December 2012, Innovative Institute obtained its charter as a DC corporation and early 2013, it was accorded 501 (C) 3 status by IRS. Innovative Institute is customer-focused and Career-Centered.


Innovative Institute approach service with dignity and exhibit ethical behaviors in all professional activities. We believe in integrity and respect to the rights of others. We believe that humility and selfless service are key virtues to greatness. We believe in impacting professionally acceptable health care education to our students and we partner with agencies, organizations and individuals that share our ideals of service. 



Innovative Institute is committed to providing students with the opportunity to receive quality, career-focused education that will assist them to succeed in the work place. Innovative Institute is dedicated to training the students in nursing skills needed to become competent and safe member of the health care team. 



As a Career-Centered and customer-focused institution, we take pride on our clients and aspire to be the most preferred health care educational institution. Our goal is to be the industry agent and we take the teaching of our students seriously. Innovative Institute’s aim is to improve or change for good how CNA’s, HHA’s and skilled nursing professional deliver health care that matters. 

Licensed by the District of Columbia Higher Education Licensure Commission